Why Organics Matter – Even in Your Beauty Routine

by Angela
Beauty Routine

So, you’ve stepped it up a notch and you’re buying some organic foods at the store. Now you’re hearing that you should also be buying organic health care products? Do you wonder if this is just some marketing hype? Actually, organic is more than just a fad or a sales pitch.

6 Reasons Why Organics Matter (even in your beauty routine)

1. What you put on your skin, gets in your skin. And from there, on into your bloodstream. That’s how the birth control patch and the nicotine patch work. When you put something on your skin, the skin does act as a filter, blocking some things from getting in. But how much is filtered out is still up for debate. Bottom line: would you want the ingredients in the products you’re using to be in your bloodstream?

2. Organics have a higher level of antioxidants than plants grown ‘conventionally’. Antioxidants prevent or slow cellular damage. So think about that for a second. If you are using a product with naturally occurring antioxidant properties, you are going to naturally slow or prevent cellular damage. That is so what I want for my skin!

3. Organic labels mean that all the plants were grown without use of chemical pesticides. Pesticides are harmful to our environment, to wildlife and to the ecosystem.

4. Organic also means all the products are GMO free. We don’t really know what the long range consequences of GMO’s will be, but as for me, I don’t want to be one of the guinea pigs who finds out.

5. Choose once. How many items do you buy each week at the grocery store? And how often do you get offered food at work or with friends? You make hundreds of eating decisions each week. And it is virtually impossible for all of them to be organic! But you can make a choice with your skincare and cosmetics: one choice will last you for a long time. I’ve been using the same bottle of age-defying moisturizer for 5 months!

6. We are bombarded with chemicals-many of which are out of our control. But this is one area we CAN control. We can get the nasties off of our faces, skin and body care.

Here are a few great companies to look at for organic skincare and cosmetics:

NYR Organic– I am a consultant for them, because I love, love, love the results AND the ingredients! They are certified Organic through the Soil association; they are clean with good-for-you ingredients and THEY WORK! (Feel free to contact me if you’d like to try a free sample.)

100% Pure– This company uses fruits to dye the makeup, pretty cool.

Ecco Bella– Organic skincare and cosmetics.

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