Unique Wedding Centerpieces

by Angela

Centerpieces are a main part of decorations, for any occasion. If you do not have time for extensive decorations, you can make your occasion attractive by adding beautiful centerpieces to the tables. Generally, we see different kinds of centerpieces at baby showers and such occasions, but when it comes to wedding centerpieces, all we see are flowers arranged in different ways. These floral wedding centerpieces look very beautiful, but they have become way too common so they cannot attract much attention. If you wish to have really unique centerpieces, then think beyond flowers. There are many other things like candles, water, pebbles, etc. that can replace floral centerpieces. All you have to do is make use of your creativity and come up with some really interesting centerpiece ideas. If you don’t have time for it, simply scroll down, as the following writeup has many unique wedding centerpieces without flowers ideas.

Unique Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

1. Lab Apparatus Centerpiece

This idea sounds really unique, isn’t it! It is in fact unique. It is also very easy to make. Collect different shapes of lab apparatus, including everything starting from beakers to conical flasks. Now mix different dark food colors in a bowl, add water to it and pour this solution into each beaker. When you are done filling all flasks, add floating candles to them. Trust me, these shiny and colorful centerpieces will surely add glamor to your wedding! To make the centerpieces more attractive, add dry ice, beads, and decorative materials to them. You can also surround the lab apparatus with colored pebbles. Make sure the table cloths and lighting arrangements are in accordance with the centerpieces. The lighting should not be bright and the tablecloths should preferably be white.

2. Eiffel Tower Centerpiece

To give a romantic touch to your wedding, Eiffel tower centerpieces are the best idea. You get ready-made Eiffel tower centerpieces in the market, all you have to do is buy a couple of them and decorate them the way you want. There are different options to decorate these centerpieces, the most common way is to spread red and pink rose petals around them. Instead of a rose, you can use any of your favorite flowers. You can also make use of dried flowers if you wish. You can add grass blades, colored water, crystals, sand, etc. to the Eiffel tower vase. Tying a bow around the Eiffel tower, or wrapping it in elegant colored lace, can also give a different look to it.

3. Memorabilia

This is another creative centerpiece idea. Guests love to see pictures of the bride and groom, especially of the time when they first met, etc. So the idea is to make medium-sized illuminated pictures of the couples and put them as centerpieces. Take many transparency film prints, wrap them around the candle holder, fasten with glue and then place the candle. You can now decorate the memorabilia by adding flowers, or laces. Try different combinations like a black and white photograph, which has a white flower border, and a white candle. The guests will surely love this unique wedding centerpiece!

4. Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Though it might sound weird, ostrich feathers for centerpieces are very popular. In fact, they are so popular that you will have to buy them well in advance! These feathers are available in different shapes and two colors. You can however color them or shape them as you want. These feathers are generally arranged in tall vases and decorated with flowers, rocks, etc. You can even add floated candles, however, try to keep it simple so that the beauty of the feathers does not get hidden.

These were some of the most unique wedding centerpieces for tables. Add your creativity to these centerpieces to come up with something nicer. You can also refer to wedding centerpieces without flowers, for some more unique wedding centerpiece ideas.

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