Lash Extension for Brides

by Angela
Eyelash Extension

Every bride wants to walk down the aisle on their wedding day looking and feeling the most beautiful that they possibly can. As a result, many bride-to-be’s beauty regime and preparations before the big day are extensive to say the least! However, often looked over is a bride’s lashes – many brides think a quick splodge of mascara in the morning will be enough to keep them going, but maybe not…

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent artificial fibers that are applied to the eyelids to enhance, lengthen and thicken the looks of a person’s eyelashes. They give a more natural look and are longer lasting than the standard false lashes. Special glues are used to ensure the individual lashes adhere for a number of weeks as opposed to hours.

Artificial eyelashes are an amazing way to enhance your overall look and have you leaving the salon looking beautiful and glamorous. On top of the visual benefits they come with a medley of other pros, the main one being they are brilliant time savers. Artificial eyelashes are already enhanced, so they do not need further enhancement via the use of mascara and can save precious time on the morning of your big day. You can relax and bask in happiness as you will wake up with your lashes already done! 

Wedding Day Lashes

If you want beautiful, full and sturdy lashes to last from your bridal breakfast to your honeymoon, then eyelash extensions from Noble Lashes will be your best friend. After all, your wedding is one of the best days of your life—it should be as special as possible and you deserve to look your best!

Artificial eyelashes can be specially curated to mould and flow with any wedding look, so whatever your dress or style there will be a lash for you. They’re as diverse as the brides that wear them! The bride that wants to be the center of attention, in a big and sparkly dress, can go for darker and bolder lashes, with a longer length and a thicker curl. A more muted style would be our shorter or finer extensions, the perfect match for a timeless dress, and a way to enhance your natural beauty.

Your Wedding, Your Lashes

Don’t forget that everyone’s wedding is different and your special day is exactly that—yours! Whether you are going for total diva-drama or a smooth and natural light look, the answer lies in a lash extension. From bachelorette party to honeymoon, extensions are hard wearing and versatile and come in a massive variety of shapes and tones. Whatever your wedding themes, you can ensure that you have the most beautiful lashes in the room.

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