Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

by Angela
Wedding Planner

While a wedding planner might seem like an unnecessary expense, an elaborate wedding could become such a problem that handing the planning over to a professional is the best course of action. Right up to the days before the wedding, it’s never too late to call in the troops.

There are hundreds of details to attend – flowers, caterers, reception hall and dress fittings. If the wedding is to be elaborate, what bride has time to do it all? The answer is that most don’t. And those who do attempt it sometimes find themselves stressed out and unable to enjoy what should have been a wonderful occasion. Here are some reasons to find, and hire, a reputable wedding planner.

Consider this scene. The wedding was beautiful. The bride appeared in flowing white and the groom was immaculate. The wedding party was in place and the ceremony went off without a single problem. But when the guests pour into the reception hall, it’s empty. Across town, a catering crew is going crazy, trying to figure out why the guests are late in arriving. Someone forgot to include the caterers in the change of plan.

A professional wedding planner would take care of those details and more. The wedding planner will carefully oversee every step of the wedding, right down to the limousine slated with the responsibility of taking the bride and groom to the airport to leave for their honeymoon.

Remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to check the references of a wedding planner. A wedding planner is, first and foremost, a professional. This person becomes the best friend of the bride, groom and their families. As the days count down, the families are allowed the luxury of simply enjoying the wedding parties and mentally preparing for that important day, instead of worrying about who had the responsibility of contacting the caterer about the change in the number of guests!

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