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by Angela

DIY projects have become immensely popular over the past few years; however, they have mainly been associated with small art projects or room décor. What happens when the term DIY is applied to your moving or relocating experience? Do you have concerns? It’s understandable, but DIY relocation can actually be much easier and often less stressful. But under certain circumstances it is better to hire professional help. By hiring a reliable, professional Dubai moving company you can get rid of your worries. However, in case you decide to DIY, lets go.

Check out these steps to keep your DIY move simple and stress-free.

Use a Planner

Yes, a paper-made planner that you write in yourself; not your phone or tablet or laptop. Relocating is intimidating enough, you don’t need some electronic device sending off alarms or even forgetting to remind you of your to-do list. Using an “old fashioned” planner is definitely one of the smartest things you can do in order to have a stress free DIY move. Take a few minutes every Sunday night to fill in your planner for the next week. Write down what you want to get down on what day and leave room to check the tasks off as you go.

Host a Garage Sale

Depending on how far your relocation destination is, it may be beneficial for you to take an afternoon to host a garage sale. If you are planning on strictly using your own vehicles for the move, consider selling your larger pieces of furniture such as tables/chairs, couches, and refrigerators. Selling these items will save you space and earn some pocket money to either pay for other moving expenses or buy new furniture for your soon-to-be home.

Call up Your Friends/Transportation

One of the smartest decisions you can make as a DIY mover is to call some friends, family, or even neighbors to assist you. Relocating alone is just too stressful, and other people can give you advice on possible truck rental places to call or maybe they can even lend you their car for the move (depending on the distance).

Consider renting a moving truck to help in your relocation. DIY moving does not mean using only your cars, you can rent a moving truck for cheap and still do all the work yourself. This is a smart option as well, especially if you don’t want to sell your larger pieces of furniture.

After reading all this if you find the task to be overwhelming, do contact a mover which provide executive moving & storage in Dubai.

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