Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

by Angela

Time goes by but some value never changes. Diamonds take a woman’s breath away, not sometimes, but always. Is beauty main reason why women love them so much? Or is it for a finical reason? Whatever it was, it is and always will be great passion for women. “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” is a song introduced by Carol Channing and the most famously was performed by Marilyn Monroe and it can be great explanation on answer why diamonds have that status that never changes.

Diamonds Jewelry and Symbols

Diamond is the hardest natural material known and is often used for industrial cutting and polishing tools and has the hardness of 10 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness (1 means the softest material, and 10 is value for the hardest materials). Diamonds are formed 100 miles down in the earth’s mantle at a very high temperatures and pressure and come to the to the earth surface only when volcanic eruptions occur. There are many factors that determine value. Famous method is called “4C’s” method that is based on four the most important determinants: carat (weight of diamond), color(level of color), cut (diamond’s proportions, symmetry), clarity (how diamond flaws).

Diamonds jewelry are available in almost every color. Many people think that every color give different meaning and symbol meaning. Red-colored are symbol for love, power, passion and in some countries like China people believe that red one bring good luck. Pink-colored associate tenderness, romance. Green diamonds are very popular especially for wedding and engagement presents and symbolise good health and piece. Brown, champagne or tan colored associate on tradition, classy. A blue-colored diamond has been a symbol of youth, balance energy. Even black colored are often seen as a negative color black colored diamonds are very popular and associated on luxury, power, strength, certainty and passion. If you decide to buy diamonds jewelry go for it because of its appearance, and not because it’s in trend and make final decision by yourself based on your wishes and idea.

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