Choose The Right Earing For Your Face Shape

by Angela

Earrings as an accessory to the ear when properly selected to add to the beauty of appearance & a variety of unique shapes with different bases, as well as the bright colors make it more attractive to wear.

In order for your appearance more beautiful, in addition to and adapted to the atmosphere should be used earrings customized to the shape of the face. Let’s find model suitable earrings as jewelry.

Round Shaped Faces Earrings

Circular face and looks symmetrical So that your face does not look even round, avoid wearing earrings, especially spherical models loop earring or small stud earrings round the round that is directly attached to the earlobe. Choose the length of earrings shaped like rectangular, square, triangular or oval shape extends downward. It can make your face look slimmer.

Square Shaped Face Earrings

This face shape looks hard or stiff jaw pins and a wide forehead cheeks to form a box. So, avoid earrings square or other shape that has many angles. Shape earrings are too long also avoided so the face does not look too long. Earrings large round, oval, or stack model could help soften the angles of your face.

Heart Shaped Faces Earrings

The face is getting smaller in the lower face and tapered at the chin. For this face shape, it is recommended not to use smaller earrings shaped like the bottom of an inverted triangle shape, heart shape, or form drops of water upside down. We recommend using the earrings are round, square, oval, triangular tapered at the top, or the form of drops of water. Shape earrings make the lower face and fill and make your face balanced.

Oval-shaped Faces Earrings

Is the ideal face shape, face not too stiff nor too round or square? To face this form, you can use all of the model form of earrings, face shape ideal because it is not affected by the model of earrings are worn.

When to Use Ear?

Besides the shape of the face, in selecting earrings that will be used should be adjusted to:

  • Atmosphere and events that will be visited, For example, when going to the office, avoid wearing earrings that are too shiny. Earrings should be used when going to a party or marriage ceremony.
  • Adjust the color of clothing and apparel as a whole so that the use of earrings still looks harmonious and not spoil overall appearance.
  • Avoid earrings that are too long.

Earrings although small form but when used with the right model, will make you look feminine appearance. So, choose the right earrings for accessories to accompany your activities.

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